Carroll County Junior Olympics winners named

Staff Report

Fourth and fifth grade students from the seven Carroll County elementary schools competed in the Junior Olympics at the CCHS track on September 27. The purpose of the Junior Olympics is to challenge elementary students to achieve good physical fitness levels.

Students displayed their physical skills in the 50-Yard Dash, Softball Throw, Pull-Ups, Standing Broad Jump, Shuttle Run, ½ Mile fun, Mile run and 440 Relay Race. Gold, silver and bronze Olympic medallions were awarded to fourth and fifth grade winners of each event. The student athletes attempted to break the Carroll County Junior Olympics records in their events.

Winners of the 50-Yard Dash are Josie Marshall, Fancy Gap; Corrie Delp, Gladeville; Isabelle Moser, St. Paul; Giovany Hernandez, Oakland; Marcus Summers, Gladeville; Bowman Ayers, Gladesboro; Amber McMorrow, Hillsville; Breanna Shumate, St. Paul; Mallori Ayers, Laurel; Ethan Richardson, Hillsville; Mason Crockett, Laurel; Ethan Edwards, Gladesboro; and Cody Reece, Gladesboro.

Softball Throw winners are Laiken Burnett, Laurel; Madison Martin, Fancy Gap; Bayleigh Allen, Gladesboro; Trace Reavis, Gladeville; William McMillian, St. Paul; Grady Quesenberry, Hillsville; Carlie Beamer, Gladeville; Holly Primm, Laurel; Amber McMorrow, Hillsville; Mason Crockett, Laurel; Eli Jones, Gladeville; and Mason Crowder, Gladesboro.

Winners of the ½ Mile Run are Corrie Delp, Gladeville; Maggy Sechrist, St. Paul; Josie Marshall, Fancy Gap; Brady Ayers, Gladesboro; Yahir Ruiz, Oakland; and Julian Magana, Hillsville.

Winners of the Mile Run are Allison Amstutz, Hillsville; Aza Petty, Laurel; Alexis Boatman, Laurel; Ethan Edwards, Gladesboro; Ethan Richardson, Hillsville; and Carter Jones, Gladeville.

Students excelling in Pull-Ups are Maggy Sechrist, St. Paul; Kylie Marshall, Hillsville; Patience Gardner, Laurel; Bowman Ayers, Gladesboro; Mason Montgomery, Oakland; Bryce Cochran, Fancy Gap; Kiley Shelton, Gladeville; Ahliyah Riffey, Hillsville; Ansley King, Laurel; Josh Boyd, St. Paul; Carter Jones, Gladeville; and Landon Sawyers, Fancy Gap. Bowman Ayers broke the county record for 4th grade boys’ pull-ups by completing 30. Kiley Shelton tied the county record for 5th grade girls’ pull-ups by completing 25.

Standing Broad Jump winners are Josie Marshall, Fancy Gap; Savannah Swecker, Laurel; Zoe Gwynn, St. Paul; Madison Pagan, St. Paul; Luke Vernon, St. Paul; Isaiah Easter, St. Paul; Christian Fuller, Oakland; Jenna Sawyers, Oakland; Caroline Ayers, Fancy Gap; Amber McMorrow, Hillsville; Ethan Edwards, Gladesboro; Hunter Felts, Laurel; Landon Sawyers, Fancy Gap; Isaiah Smith, Hillsville; and Charlie Banks, Gladesboro.

Shuttle Run winners are Arianna Reyes, St. Paul; Maggy Sechrist, St. Paul; Madison Coleman, Gladeville; Isaiah Easter, St. Paul; Yahir Ruiz, Oakland; Bowman Ayers, Gladesboro; Breanna Shumate, St. Paul; Harley Mallory, Laurel; Abby Collins, Gladeville; Ethan Richardson, Hillsville; Teya Brandt, Fancy Gap; Ethan Edwards, Gladesboro; and Jay Burnette, Hillsville.

Winners of the Boys’ 440 Relay Race are St. Paul students Isaiah Easter, EJ Conner, Ethan Sechrist, Luke Vernon; Oakland students Giovany Hernandez, Yahir Ruiz, Diego Esquivel, Connor Freeman; St. Paul students Will McMillian, Braxton Poletti, Cameron Koehler, Cash Crotts; St. Paul students Lucas Shupe, Giovanni Lopez, Nathaneal Dalton, Mason Crockett; Hillsville students Preston Iroler, Will Tompkins, Isaiah Smith, Trenten Akers; Oakland students Damian Heath, Cameran Snow, Malachi Edwards, Joseph Burnette; and St. Paul students Daniel Torres Lopez, Ben Phillips, Jacob McMillian, and Britt Berrier.

Winners of the Girls’ 440 Relay Race are St. Paul students Arianna Reyes, Hannah Cannoy, Maggy Sechrist, Isabelle Moser; Gladeville students Karla Lozano, Dalexandra Avila Estrada, Madison Coleman, Corrie Delp; Laurel students Natalie Marshall, Julia Jimenez, Rylea Payne, Amelia Dalton; Laurel students Kaylyn Robinson, Aspyn Crockett, Ansley King, Mallori Ayers; St. Paul students Breanna Shumate, Katie Darrh, Abigail Easter, Kadence King; and Gladeville students Noemi Hernandez, Reagan Mankins, Ashlynn Culberth, and Kecera Roberts.

Winners of the Mixed 440 Relay Race are St. Paul students EJ Conner, Ethan Sechrist, Isabelle Moser, Arianna Reyes; Gladeville students Caleb Hollar, Karla Lozano, Youssef Elalfy, Corrie Delp; Gladeville students Dalexandra Avila Estrada, Marcus Summers, Trace Reavis, Madison Coleman; Laurel students Kaylyn Robinson, Lucas Shupe, Mallori Ayers, Mason Crockett; Laurel students Ansley King, Oliver Lopez, Aspyn Crockett, Giovanni Lopez; and Hillsville students Preston Iroler, Allison Amstutz, Lydia Brown, and Trenten Akers.

Staff Report