Heaven also begins with an “H”


Heaven also begins with an “H”

For the past twenty or so years, during our annual autumn vacation, my wife and I have made it a point to stop by the Farmer’s Market in Hillsville to pick up a few bags of delicious “Brady cabbage” to share with friends back home in South Carolina. We always enjoyed conversing with the fine folks there.

We always stayed with my wife’s mother in Mayodan, N.C. and usually viewed the fall foliage east of Hillsville. Since my mother-in-law’s passing a few years ago, we decided for this year a change of plans would be in order, so we decided to stay a few nights this past week in Hillsville and view the back roads to the west.

If the good Lord’s willin’ and the creek don’t rise, we plan on being back next October. I told my wife there must be a local ordinance that a person cannot be a citizen of Hillsville unless they are extremely NICE! It has been years since I have encountered so many courteous, helpful, friendly individuals on a continuing basis.

I have been a local community banker for close to fifty years and am sensitive to the importance of good, friendly, customer service by front-line personnel as they are the ones representing their respective organizations. Please allow me to expound:

We stayed at the Quality Inn (Days Inn) just off I-77. Sue Ellen on the desk and Nikki, one of the house keepers, are the epitome of what I have mentioned; as well as Robin, the “ice cream lady” at the Marathon RACE IN close by, and the young Gracie we encountered the next evening. All four of these ladies made us feel welcome and special.

And last but definitely not least, Keisha, a young woman at Shoney’s, was magnificent. My wife and I had ordered take outs and were standing in the lobby awaiting our order. During this time Keisha was literally swamped with customers. At one time I counted seven individuals in line to pay their bills, and four parties came in succession to be seated. She was masterful in her handling of this “onslaught” – politely requesting help from the back line to promptly seat those coming in, and asking each party if everything was OK and thanking them for coming when they paid their bill. But what I really appreciated was when one gentleman said she must be upset with so many customers at once and she replied no, she appreciated their business. Maybe she was the owner, or perhaps a holder of a large Shoney’s stock portfolio?

I have been blessed to be able to work among individuals similar to these fine ladies for the past forty-one years and appreciate the many compliments our bank receives on their behalf. This is why my wife and I felt led to share our above mentioned encounters with all the businesses and people of Hillsville through The Carroll News.

Mitch and Nadine Godwin

Conway, South Carolina