Carroll appoints Cannon as interim county administrator

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Nikki Cannon -

Nikki Cannon will serve as Carroll County’s interim county administrator beginning Jan. 1 until the county hires a replacement for outgoing county administrator Gary Larrowe.

Larrowe’s last day in office will be December 31 as he will take the same position with Botetourt County in 2016. Carroll County Board of Supervisors’ Chairman Phil McCraw noted the board would need to appoint an interim county administrator beginning Jan. 1 until a new county administrator could be hired.

McCraw said the board has already received some applications for the job, which will be reviewed beginning January 11. The board will hold its organization meeting Jan. 11, which is when it will start the vetting process.

“In the meantime, beginning January 1, we will need to appoint someone to act as interim county administrator,” McCraw said. “I would like to open it up to you gentlemen for your thoughts on this position.”

Supervisor Joshua Hendrick said he’s had discussions with an individual who is capable of doing an outstanding job. He said that person has also agreed to perform the duties of county administrator in an interim capacity.

“That is Nikki Cannon, our current assistant,” Hendrick said. “I will put that out there, but I think Nikki is completely capable.”

Supervisor Sam Dickson said he “totally agreed” with Hendrick. McCraw said he felt the entire board would be in agreement with Hendrick as he asked for a motion to appoint Cannon to the position.

“I make a motion to appoint Nikki Cannon interim county administrator beginning January 1,” Hendrick said. “She will retain all rights in her current position of assistant county administrator, but while performing the duties of interim county administrator she will be entitled to an eight percent pay increase and she will return to her current duties upon filling a permanent county administrator.”

Supervisor Bob Martin seconded the motion. County Attorney Jim Cornwell asked if the motion would also make Cannon the Clerk of the Board during that time “because that is separate.” After the board agreed that the function would be needed, McCraw amended his motion to include Cannon to also serve as Clerk of the Board in the interim period.

Before voting, supervisors took turns discussing Cannon’s qualifications for the job.

“Really our charge in Carroll County or any county as a board of supervisors is to run a tremendous-sized business,” Martin said. “It’s good we have got somebody in the office that can take care of covering all the little ups and downs and stuff in the interim until we can get a full-time county administrator. I am glad Nikki is on board with it.”

McCraw said he would add to that as he has worked with Cannon for four years as both a supervisor and a member of the county’s budget committee.

“She’s top notch,” McCraw said. “I don’t think we could have done a better job or picked a better person to serve as our interim.”

Supervisor David Hutchins said he’s worked with Cannon since she came on board with the county. He also said he’s found her to be “top notch.”

“She does a tremendous job. There is no one who knows the accounting and finances of Carroll County that she does and she also has knowledge of the different departments and how they all function and how they have to kind of work together,” Hutchins said. “While I won’t be here, I think it was a wise, wise decision and I applaud that decision.”

The board unanimously approved the motion to appoint Cannon as the interim county administrator and clerk of the board.

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By Allen Worrell