Action taken on worm in Carroll school food report

By David Broyles -

Carroll County School Superintendent Dr. Shirley Perry has issued a statement in regards to a recent investigation prompted by a student’s report of “a maggot” in food received in a school cafeteria.

Perry said inspectors from the Health Department investigated the Carroll County High School cafeteria on October 1 and found no health regulation violations. The source of the complaint is believed to be an apple in a worm, according to other published reports.

“Based on the information received (Assistant Superintendent) Dr. Mark Burnette reported the findings of the Health Department investigation. Upon further investigation by our school nutrition staff on October 2, another worm was discovered. We believe we now know the source and immediate changes were implemented. This went into effect by 2 p.m., October 2,” said Perry in a prepared statement.

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By David Broyles