Former Carroll Co. administrator indicted on drug charge

By Allen Worrell -
William E. “Billy” Mitchell Jr. -

Former Carroll County Administrator William E. “Billy” Mitchell Jr. has been indicted in Carroll County Circuit Court for possession of a Schedule II drug (methamphetamine) with the intent to distribute.

Mitchell, who served as Carroll County Administrator from December of 1991 until March of 1996, was indicted for the charge in Carroll County Circuit Court on March 19. According to the indictment, the Grand Jury charges that “on or about (May 15, 2017), in the county of Carroll, William E. Mitchell, Jr. did unlawfully and feloniously possess a controlled substance, to-wit: Methamphetamine, a Schedule II drug, with the intent to distribute, against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

According to police records, the indictment stems from an operation of the Twin County Drug Task Force on May 15, 2017. As a result of the operation, members of the Task Force entered Mitchell’s residence and secured both the house and Mitchell. The police report noted that a baggy of methamphetamine was found in Mitchell’s shorts pocket as well as a baggy inside a metal case and several hypodermic needles.

Police records show a search warrant led to the seizure of several items at Mitchell’s residence, including one baggy of crystal-like substance, a silver lock box with needles and a crystal substance, three used needles, two spoons and two needles, several flash drives, an iPhone and case, a hard drive, a baggy with crystal-like substance, two digital scales, two laptop computers, two all-in-one computers, a bag of USB sticks and a memory card.

According to local court records, Mitchell, 57, is scheduled to appear in Carroll County Circuit Court on June 18 for a felony charge of manufacturing a controlled substance.

Mitchell was sentenced Nov. 17, 1997 to serve five years and three months in federal prison by U.S. Federal Judge James P. Jones for embezzling $409,700 of taxpayers’ money while employed as Carroll County Administrator. Mitchell had previously pled guilty to seven counts of Federal Program Fraud and one count of Money Laundering prior to the sentencing.

In a prepared speech to court at the time, Mitchell attributed his downfall to “greed.”

“I wanted to live a lifestyle which I was not entitled to. I express my deepest apology,” The Carroll News reported in 1997. “I won’t ask the citizens for forgiveness, but I hope someday to have the chance to redeem myself.”

Under the judge’s ruling and plea agreement involving restitution, Carroll County was to receive $156,923, the Virginia Association of Counties was to receive $250,000, and Travelers’ Insurance was to recoup $2,776 according to the 1997 article in The Carroll News.

Mitchell’s name came back into the public eye in Carroll County in 2015 when a motion was made by a member of the Carroll County Board of Supervisors to appoint Mitchell to the Carroll County Planning Commission. The motion was seconded, but tabled in the same meeting when another supervisor asked for the motion to be revisited in a following meeting when information for all applicants to the position could be included in supervisors’ packets. Mitchell later withdrew his name from consideration for the position.

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William E. “Billy” Mitchell Jr. E. “Billy” Mitchell Jr.
Mitchell faces charge of possession of meth with intent to distribute

By Allen Worrell