Sheriff’s Office makes arrests for drugs, assault of officer

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Ralph Ernest Hall -

While attempting to serve a probation violation and arrest warrants during separate incidents in Cana, members of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office encountered circumstances that led to more serious charges.

On March 6, Deputy D.V. Surratt of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office was attempting to serve a probation violation on Ralph Ernest Hall, 58, of Cana, on Sandy Ridge Road at approximately 5:21 p.m. In his arrest report, Surratt noted that when he knocked on the camper door, someone yelled ‘Go away.’

“I asked them to come to the door and Ralph came to the door and once he saw me he jumped back and turned the propane stove on and grabbed a lighter and stated he would blow me up if I came in. At that time I asked for more units,” Surratt wrote in the police report. “I asked Ralph to open the door but he refused. He then punched the glass window on the door two times but it did not bust. Ralph then picked up a jump starter and busted the window of the door out. At that time, Trooper S.M. Cochran arrived and Ralph still would not open the door. I attempted to unlock the door from the inside and Ralph Hall grabbed a kitchen knife from the counter and stepped toward us. He then put the knife down and I was able to unlock the door. Once the door was open, Trooper Cochran was able to grab Ralph but Ralph pulled away and then fell outside and was placed under arrest.”

Hall is currently being held without bond at the New River Valley Regional Jail in Dublin. The jail’s website lists charges against Hall as assault of a law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice (resisting arrest), and arson, explosives, bombs threat/false communication.

Two days earlier on March 4, Deputy Bradley Hoffman arrested three people after attempting to serve warrants on Kelly Marie Hawks, 28, and Channing Lee Hawks, 32, on Stillview Drive in Cana. Hoffman wrote in the arrest report that while attempting to serve warrants on Kelly Hawks (for contempt of court, failure to appear) and Channing Hawks (failure to appear in court, felony offense), he observed a white male (Michael Todd Ayers, age 37, of Low Gap, N.C.) sitting in a chair inside the home and a white female (Crystal Bowman) sitting on a couch beside Ayers.

After arresting Kelly Hawks, Hoffman wrote that he moved her to the living room where he could watch all occupants while he waited for another deputy to arrive and assist. When back-up came, Hoffman asked Ayers to stand up to pat him down when he observed a pack of cigarettes inside the front of Ayers’ waistband of his pants.

“I asked him what it was and he told me it was meth. I then opened the pack and observed a bag with a white large rock inside it. I then placed him under arrest,” Hoffman wrote. “There was an army bag that he was sitting beside in the chair. Mr. Ayers told me that it was his as well. I located $741 in his front right pocket, to which he stated that he had a job and it wasn’t drug money.”

At that point, Hoffman searched the back two rooms on the left side of the house and located Channing Hawks, who he arrested without incident.

“When outside at my vehicle, I asked Mr. Ayers if he would like Ms. Bowman to have his property (army bag) and he said to give it to her,” Hoffman wrote. “I then searched the bag and located a small blue bag inside the army bag with two sets of scales with crystal powder on one of them.”

Hoffman charged Ayers with possession of a Schedule I or II drug with intent to distribute. Ayers was transported to New River Valley Regional Jail in Dublin, where he has since bonded out.

Mr. Ayers was charged with possession with intent to distribute and sent to NRVRJ on no bond. Both Kelly and Channing Hawks are still being held without bond at the Dublin jail.

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