Call about Carroll County school shooting determined to be a hoax

A 9-1-1 phone call about a shooting at Carroll County High School on Wednesday morning has been determined to be a hoax.

According to Carroll County Assistant Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mark Burnette, a 10-year-old elementary school student made a call before 8 a.m. Wednesday morning from a school bus claiming there had been a shooting at Carroll County High School. At that point, Carroll County Sheriff J.B. Gardner said police officers were dispatched.

“Of course, 9-1-1 was able to track where the call came from and we were able to determine where it was,” Burnette said. “We had a police presence at both the high school and the elementary school. After we talked to the kid, we determined it was false, it was a hoax, that everything was okay and there was no need to do anything further.”

Burnette said a voice message was sent out over the school’s outreach system alerting parents about the report and that it was false. He said it took less than an hour for law enforcement and school administration officials to clear the call as a prank.

“Thank God it was hoax. There will be some consequences for the child, but also we have to take into consideration the age of the child and the Sheriff will probably do the same,” Burnette said.

With the recent uptick of school shootings across the country, any threat has to be taken seriously.

“You don’t ignore anything. We have to be diligent at the school, the Sheriff’s Department has to be diligent and parents have to be diligent,” Burnette said. “Anytime something like this happens, the best thing to do is if you see something, say something.”

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Call came from elementary school student


By Allen Worrell