Trail Cam catches thief in the act

Danny Keyes -

A “Candid Camera” moment played an important part in charges filed in connection with a break-in on January 14 in the South Main area of Hillsville.

According to Hillsville Police Department Sgt. Alan Gravley, the incident occurred at a business which had been hit last November, resulting in charges being filed against four individuals. Gravley said items had been stolen in connection with the most recent incident at High Hill Road. He installed a trail camera to continue surveillance at the property. On a subsequent visit, Gravley discovered a battery from the camera had been taken but not the memory card for the unit.

Upon viewing the video footage which was taken on January 26 at around 4:30 a.m., Gravley said the images clearly showed a subject breaking into the building. It also revealed what could delicately be described as an “ah ha!” moment when the subject discovered the trail camera and removed the battery pack. He said he immediately recognized the subject as one of the four involved in the November breaking and entering incident.

Gravley said the subject was been identified as Danny Keyes, age 34, of Hillsville, who has been charged with breaking and entering in the nighttime, trespassing when no trespassing signs were posted, destruction of property and petty larceny (for the theft of the battery pack). Keyes was arrested and sent to the New River Valley Regional Jail with no bond.

Gravley said stolen property from a second break-in involving Keyes had been located in Patrick County by the Patrick County Sheriff’s Department, which may lead to additional charges. He said this is the third time this property has been broken into recently.

Danny Keyes Keyes