Hillsville receives $100,000 in grant funds

By David Broyles - dbroyles@thecarrollnews.com

Hillsville received a bit of seasonal good news ($100,00 in grant monies) at its December 11 meeting, courtesy of the Mount Rogers Planning District Commission.

“I am pleased to announced we have received two new grants from the Mount Rogers Planning District Commission,” said Town Manager Retta Jackson. “They are both in the amount of $50,000. One for the Fancy Gap Sewer project and the other for a generator for the wastewater plant.”

Mayor Gregory Crowder said the first grant is in response to the Town taking over some of the sewer treatment chores for Fancy Gap. Carroll County and the Town of Hillsville agreed in principle to work on a solution to help keep Hillsville’s sewer rates down at an April 13, 2015 Public Service Authority (PSA) meeting.

Initially, the PSA allowed Hillsville to pay for a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to study the possibility of having wastewater from Fancy Gap sent to Hillsville to increase the town’s flows and capacities, which would in turn help lower sewer rates. The measure called for reversing the pump station at Exit 14 to allow part of the PSA flow now going to Galax to turnaround and be pumped to Hillsville.

In 2009, The Carroll County Public Service Authority was awarded (by USDA-Rural Development) funding to complete the Fancy Gap Water & Sewer Improvements Project, making public water and sewer service available to the I-77 Exit 8 interchange and to much of the Fancy Gap community.

Council appeared to agree on the response to the Town’s Christmas Parade being positive. Council Bill Tate wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and Crowder had gifts for his fellow councilmen.

“We had a wonderful Christmas Parade. I think everyone was happy and I received only positive comments on that. There was a lot of (good) comments on how the Town was decorated. I just wanted to thank all the merchants who participated and all the houses. I think we are one of the best decorated towns around,” said Councilman Greg Yonce.

Crowder said things have recently been going well for the Town. He attributed this to the support of Town employees and the Council.

“I think this is probably the best council we could possibly have. Everyone majors in different areas in what we’re doing. I’m so thankful that I have the people here. Not only on council but Department leaders,” said Crowder.

Council approved a recommendation from the Town Planning Commission to rezone 1504 North Main Street from Industrial to Medium Density Residential. Yonce said the parcel was located on Davis Avenue on the north end of town in behind the old North End Grocery.

“Years ago there was a request to rezone it to industrial because they wanted to put out storage buildings. That never developed so its been sitting there zoned industrial for several years and the property has been sold. The new owners have requested it be changed back to Medium Density, residential,” explained Yonce.

The Law Enforcement Activity Numbers report for November 8 through December 6 indicates the Hillsville Police Department (HPD) conducted 45 criminal investigations; 10 accident investigations and 32 follow-up investigations. The HPD report credits the Department with 617 business checks; 28 house checks and 12 (personal) welfare checks.

Forty-six false call/unfounded are listed; 474 speeding summons issued, 60 reckless driving summons; four safety belt summons and one summons for child safety seats. Council approved a recommendation to cancel its December 25 meeting due to the Christmas Holidays.

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By David Broyles