Hendrick faces challenge from Hall in Laurel Fork

By Allen Worrell - aworrell@thecarrollnews.com
Virgil Hall -
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Incumbent Sandy Hendrick faces a challenge from Virgil R. Hall in the Nov. 7 election for the race for the Laurel Fork District seat on the Carroll County School Board.

Hall is a lifelong Carroll County resident and a graduate of Carroll County Public Schools. The husband of Pauline Hall, Virgil’s son and grandson were both graduates of Carroll County Public Schools, and his son Roland is currently an assistant principal at Carroll County High School.

Hall has worked for the Virginia Department of Transportation for 30 years and he currently owns and operates Hall’s Excavating & Hauling. He is also an active member and Deacon of Sky View Baptist Church. Hall said there are many reasons he ran for the Carroll County School Board in a list of bullet points.

“-Students will receive a high-quality and well-rounded education that will provide them with career readiness and life skills needed for successful futures.

– We need to assess compensation and benefits for employees holding valuable credentials.

– School finances and system needs including aging transportation equipment, new programs, and building projects will be discussed with the Board of Supervisors on a regular basis. This will decrease the chance of tax increases and allow for better prioritizing of funds to increase student safety and potential employment opportunities for students.

-It has always been the goal of my wife and I to see the generations after us be more successful than we were. This is obtained through education and hard work. I will work to see that students are provided with various educational tools they need to be successful.

– I will vote for the best interests of the students, parents, employees, and community and will always listen to your concerns. I ask that you allow me to represent you as the Laurel Fork School Board Member.”

Hendrick has served on the Carroll County School Board for six years. A 1969 graduate of Hillsville High School, he also holds a degree in Building Construction from Virginia Tech. He recently retired after working 36 years for the Radford Arsenal. Hendrick and his wife Rebecca have three sons, Jeremy, Joshua and Jared. Hendrick also serves as an assistant pastor at Crooked Oak Baptist Church.

Hendrick said after six years on the school board, he feels he has learned what works and he wants to use that experience for one more term to help the school system. He also said he wants to help new Superintendent Shirley Perry build a solid foundation in her new tenure.

“And then I will feel like I have accomplished all I need to do. It is a learning curve and I think I can do a little better job with the experience I have,” Hendrick said. “As far as what I hope to accomplish, the school system itself has done a very good job I think in helping our kids make arrangements for college or a job. We have got some ongoing programs and they have kind of been in place most of the last six years and it is something the school system itself is doing and doing a good job, but we are making improvements, and adding to them. The dual credit classes in association with the community college are a big deal and we are working to improve that.”

Hendrick feels like Carroll’s Career and Technical program is first class and is providing opportunities for kids to get a certificate or go to work when they get out of high school or community college. Hendrick said he has found Carroll County can’t do a whole lot to run its own school system because of the many state and federal mandates it faces.

“Those guys tell us what to do and don’t give us enough money to do it, which leaves the county to make up the difference. We have been fortunate. We have had a decrease in enrolment, which decreases state funding, and we have had increases in costs, and we have absorbed that the last two years with level county funding,” Hendrick said. “The challenge in the future is to maintain what we have got with little or no budget increase unless something changes to turn it around. We have above the state requirements in our schools and if we try to maintain the state requirements, then it is going to be a challenge to do that with the local funding. I would like to see folks hammer on our state and federal elected officials to come across with help for the schools. They make laws and requirements and we are left to pay for it. I think really considering all that, the school system does a good job. We have good people in place trying to help our kids. I would just like to be able to use the experience I picked up over the last six years in what I think will be kind of trying times in the next four years unless something changes with the funding.”

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By Allen Worrell