Carroll school enrollment exceeds early projections

By David Broyles -

Carroll County Public School District (CCPSD) Superintendent Dr. Shirley Perry said on September 12 enrollment exceeded projections.

Perry presented figures for the board from “The 10th Day School Profile” during the regular meeting in the Governmental Complex. The Profile compiled attendance activity for Carroll County from August 9 through August 22.

According to the report, the division total enrollment for the 10th day of school, (August 22) was 3,670 – 57 students more than the 3,613 projected division enrollment for 2017-2018. Information supplied by the Division indicates CCHS had 1,130; Carroll Middle had 827; Fancy Gap Elementary, 137; Gladesboro Elementary, 121; Gladeville Elementary 280; Hillsville Elementary, 467; Laurel Elementary, 207; Oakland Elementary, 171 and St. Paul School, 330.

Enrollment comparison figures (2017-2018 versus 2016-2017) indicate the school with the biggest change was CCHS with 28 less students. CCHS had 1,158 enrolled in 2016-2017 while 1,130 are enrolled this year. Gladeville Elementary had the largest increase with 14 students. GVES had 266 enrolled in 2016-2017 compared to 280 this year. The comparison report grand totals show there were 3,696 students enrolled in 2016-2017 for a decline of 26 students.

“Our ratio from kindergarten through fifth grade is 18.26. That is the student-teacher ration, so we are in good shape with our class sizes. Our ADM on the eighteenth day of school was 3,664 students,” said Perry. “Our tenth day of school student-teacher ratio is 18.26 and our ADM was 3,670 students so we are in good shape on both of our ratios and our overall ADM.”

According to the report, the students to teachers by school were: Fancy Gap, 137 to 8; Gladesboro, 121 to 6; Gladeville, 280 to 15; Hillsville Elementary, 467 to 25; Laurel, 207 to 11; Oakland, 171 to 11, and St. Paul, 279 to 15.

She praised the planning and cooperation shown by students, parents, teachers and administration for making recent partial solar eclipse activities successful. Perry said she especially appreciated the parents who tolerated the schedule change, saying “everyone really jumped in there.”

“Parents seemed to really get into the mood of the events and enjoyed it. One front office staffer at St. Paul said it (the excitement) was like Thanksgiving. We got a lot of good feedback and I know it took a lot of cooperation from everyone,” said Perry. “From our students up to parents, and we really appreciate it.”

Board Chair Brian Spencer praised the Board of Supervisors for its support which allowed local students to participate in an Agricultural Field Day at the Carroll County Agriculture Fair.

“Their support does mean a lot to our kids who get so much out of the program,” said Spencer. “I’ve read where the Fair is rated one of the top small town fairs in the State. The fact they keep the price from $3 to $5 is tremendous.”

Vice Chair Joey Haynes agreed with Spencer and said keeping the price affordable was one of the things that draw people from outlying areas to participate in the Fair, making it something the entire County may embrace.

“It’s neat that there is not just that fun aspect but it showcases a lot of what our county is about and different things through an educational experience,” said Haynes.

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By David Broyles