Winners announced from ‘biggest’ ever Carroll Fair

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File photo One month after presenting the annual Carroll County Agricultural Fair, organizers have determined that this year’s renewal was their “biggest and best ever.” -

One month after presenting the annual Carroll County Agricultural Fair, organizers have determined that this year’s renewal was their “biggest and best ever.”

Prior to or during the show, some 463 individuals entered 1,316 exhibits in the various classes.

“We are gaining more entries each year,” said Carol Chevalier, chairman of the Farm Bureau Ladies’ Committee and chairman of exhibits. “The exhibits were reorganized with quilts and table displays rearranged in a more relaxed open atmosphere while being grouped in similar categories. Additionally, this was the second year in which special needs individuals were invited to submit entries. It was rewarding to see the enthusiasm of entrants and the audience to the exhibit displays with ribbons attached.”

Kevin Semones, County Fair chairman and Farmer’s Markets manager, reported, “The 2017 Fair proved to be the biggest and best Fair yet! Our hope and desire is that 2018 be even bigger and better! Furthermore, we really want to say THANK YOU to all our dedicated volunteers and sponsors. Without them, the Fair could never be this successful.”

The Fair offered a new and unique attraction this year – the Hillbilly Pig Races.

“The inaugural races were a huge success,” according to Myra Leonard, coordinator of this event. “The fan experience was fantastic. From Makayla Newman playing the call to the races on her trumpet to Swifty’s solo trek on the track, the fans were treated to a great event. Piglets are already in training for next year’s races.”

Tia Akers, Horse Show chairman, said, “We had 56 horses participate in the show this year, which made it the largest show yet. The entries were of exceptionally good quality with exhibitors of all ages presenting a great show.”

In addition, there were 168 exhibitors in the livestock events with over 311 animals exhibited.

A petting zoo included Peyton, a five-year-old brown Swiss Steer that weighs 1,800 pounds, and a pair of twin Holstein calves.

Over 1,000 school-age students from Carroll, Grayson, and the City of Galax attended agriculture education and ag days at the fair. Students visited different stations focusing on agriculture topics and enjoyed locally grown watermelon served by the farm bureau ladies committee.

Carroll County Agricultural Fair


Beauty Pageant

Miss 2017 Carroll County Fair – Bailey Patton

16-19 years: 1st Place Bailey Patton, 2nd Place Peyton McBride, 3rd Place Alexis Leonard; 14-15 years: 1st Place Aly Leonard, 2nd Place Hannah Cooper; 11-13 years – Miss Pre-Teen: 1st Place Trenadi Haha; 2nd Place Camray McMillian, 3rd Place Eva Marshall; 9-10 years – Junior Miss: 1st Place Kecera Roberts, 2nd Place Timber Mundy, 3rd Place Brooke Fichtel; 7-8 years – Petite Miss: 1st Place Makenzay McMillian, 2nd Place Carlee Dalton, 3rd Place Brooke Davis; 5-6 years – Little Miss: 1st Place Molly Montgomery, 2nd Place Tinley Galyean, 3rd Place Kyra Moser; 3-4 years – Tiny Miss: 1st Place Kierra Stone, 2nd Place Allie Melton, 3rd Place Liliana Gonzalez; 0-2 years – Wee Miss: 1st Place Emmarie Taylor, 2nd Place Brylee Rowlett, 3rd Place Ella Noel


0-2 years: Arabella Hawks; 3-4 years: Kierra Stone; 5-6 years: Tinley Galyean; 7-8 years: Laynie-Jo Leonard; 9-10 years: Kecera Roberts; 11-13 years: Eva Marshall; 14-15 years: Aly Leonard; 16-19 years: Bailey Patton.

2017 Beef Show Results

Showmanship Classes

Novice Showmanship – Abigail Miller 1st, Jeb Collins 2nd; Pee Wee Showmanship – Ella Miller 1st; Junior Showmanship

– Isaac Stoker 1st, Isaac Miller 2nd, Brayden Blackburn 3rd, Chandler Branch 4th, Payton Williams 5th, AvaReese Branch 6th; Senior Showmanship – Taylor Edwards 1st, Nora Cave 2nd, Eli Blevins 3rd, Josie Stanberry 4th, Alicia Blackburn 5th, Morgan Branch 6th, Emma Stanberry 7th

Class Winners By Breed


Sr. Calf Born Sept. 1–Oct. 31, 2016 – Jeb Collins 1st, Isaac Stoker 2nd; Spring Yearling – Taylor Edwards 1st


Winter Calf Born Nov. 1-Dec. 31, 2016 – AvaReese Branch 1st, Nora Cave 2nd; Sr. Calf Born Sept. 1–Oct. 31, 2016 – Nora Cave 1st; Summer Yearling Born May 1-Aug. 30, 2016 – Morgan Branch 1st; Spring Yearling Born Mar. 1–Apr. 30, 2016 – Brayden Blackburn 1st; Sr. Yearling Born Sept. 1–Dec. 31, 2015 – Nora Cave 1st, Eli Blevins 2nd


Jr. Calf Born after Jan. 1, 2017 – Taylor Edwards; Summer Yearling Born May 1–Aug. 30, 2016 – Payton Williams Simmental

Jr. Calf Born after Jan. 1, 2017 – Abigail Miller 1st; Sr. Calf Born Sept. 1–Oct. 31, 2016 – AvaReese Branch 1st, Chandler Branch 2nd; Spring Yearling Born Mar. 1–Apr. 30, 2016 – Alicia Blackburn 1st; Jr. Yearling Born Jan. 1–Feb. 28, 2016 – Chandler Branch 1st , Taylor Edwards 2nd; Sr. Yearling Born Sept. 1–Dec. 31, 2015 – Alicia Blackburn 1st

All Other Breeds

Jr. Calf Born after Jan. 1, 2017 – Isaac Stoker 1st; Spring Yearling Born Mar. 1–Apr. 30, 2016 – Taylor Edwards 1st, Isaac Stoker 2nd; Jr. Yearling Born Jan. 1–Feb. 28, 2016 – Isaac Miller; Sr. Yearling Born Sept. 1–Dec. 31, 2015 – Eli Blevins 1st

Commercial Heifers

Calf Born Jan. 1, 2017 – Josie Stanberry 1st, Brayden Blackburn 2nd, Eli Blevins 3rd; Calf Born Sept. 1–Dec. 31, 2016 – Emma Stanberry 1st; Calf Born Jan. 2016 – Morgan Branch 1st; Calf Born prior to Dec. 31 2015 – Eli Blevins 1st

Beef Steer

Calf Born June 1-Aug. 31, 2016 – Morgan Branch 1st; Calf Born March 2016 – Taylor Edwards 1st

Cow and Calf Pair

Taylor Edwards 1st


Bulls Born after Jan. 1 2017 – Isaac Stoker 1st; Bulls Born after Jan. 1–Dec 31, 2016 – Taylor Edwards 1st

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion by Breed


Grand Champion – Taylor Edwards; Reserve Grand Champion – Jeb Collins


Grand Champion – Nora Cave; Reserve Grand Champion – Brayden Blackburn


Grand Champion – Taylor Edwards; Reserve Grand Champion – Payton Williams


Grand Champion – Chandler Branch; Reserve Grand Champion – Taylor Edwards

All Other Breeds

Grand Champion – Taylor Edwards; Reserve Grand Champion – Eli Blevins

Commercial Heifers

Grand Champion – Josie Stanberry; Reserve Grand Champion – Eli Blevins

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion of Steers, Cow and Calf Pairs, and Bulls

Beef Steers

Grand Champion – Morgan Branch; Reserve Grand Champion Taylor Edwards

Cow and Calf Pairs

Grand Champion – Taylor Edwards


Grand Champion – Taylor Edwards; Reserve Grand Champion – Isaac Stoker

Supreme Grand Champion – Taylor Edwards; Reserve Supreme Grand Champion – Nora Cave


Novice Showmanship – Payton Williams 1st; Pee Wee Showmanship – Brooklyn Boyles 1st, Reagan Tompkins 1st , Madeline Branch 1st, McKinley Branch 1st; Junior Showmanship – Candace Blevins 1st , Justin Boyles 2nd, Dustin Boyles 3rd; Senior Showmanship – Holly Cassell 1st, Tucker Reynolds 2nd; Jersey – Grand Champion – Reagan Tompkins, Reserve Grand Champion – Dustin Boyles; Holstein – Grand Champion – Madeline Branch, Reserve Grand Champion – Payton Williams; Guernsey – Grand Champion – Justin Boyles, Reserve Grand Champion – Justin Boyles; Brown Swiss – Grand Champion – Holly Cassell, Reserve Grand Champion – Holly Cassell; Crossbreed – Grand Champion – Candace Blevins; Supreme Grand Champion – Holly Cassell; Reserve Supreme Grand Champion – Tucker Reynolds

Goat Show Winners

Costume Contest – 1st Maddyson Kendrick, Kade Mishoe; Pee Wee Showmanship – 1st Abilene Armstrong, River Armstrong, Maddyson Kendrick, Kade Mishoe; Junior Showmanship – 1st Amos Stanberry, 2nd Addison Forris, 3rd Jessica Bryce, 4th Ethan Woods, 5th Savana Simerly; Senior Showmanship – 1st Josie Stanberry, 2nd Emma Stanberry

Winners By Class


Juniors born after Apr. 1, 2017 – 1st Maddyson Kendrick; Seniors born in Jan. and Feb. 2017 – 1st Maddyson Kendrick; Milkes Under 2 years – 1st Jessica Bryce; 4 year old Milkers – 1st Jessica Bryce, 2nd Ethan Woods. Grand Champion – Jessica Bryce; Reserve Grand Champion – Jessica Bryce.

Meat Goats

Female less than 6 months – 1st Josie Stanberry, 2nd Emma Stanberry, 3rd Amos Stanberry, 4th Addison Farris, 5th Savanna Simerly; Female 6-12 months – 1st Addison Farris, 2nd Savanna Simerly; Female 12-24 months – 1st Josie Stanberry, 2nd Amos Stanberry; Female over 24 months – 1st Emma Stanberry; Wether 40-60 pounds – 1st Kade Mishoe; Wether 60 pounds or more – 1st Addison Farris, 2nd Abilene Armstrong, 3rd River Armstrong; Grand Champion Meat Goat – Josie Stanberry; Reserve Grand Champion Meat Goat – Josie Stanberry


Milking Contest – 1st Jessica Bryce; Pee Wee Egg and Spoon Race – 1st Maddyson Kendrick, 2nd Kade Mishoe; Egg and Spoon Race – 1st Emma Stanberry, 2nd Ethan Woods, 3rd Jessica Bryce, 4th Josie Stanberry, 5th Amos Stanberry; Obstacle Course – 1st Emma Stanberry, 2nd Amos Stanberry, 3rd Ethan Woods, 4th Kade Mishoe, 5th Josie Stanberry, 6th Jessica Bryce, 7th Maddyson Kendrick; Water and Tray Race -1st Emma Stanberry, 2nd Josie Stanberry, 3rd Ethan Woods, 4th Amos Stanberry, 5th Jessica Bryce, 6th Maddyson Kendrick, 7th Kade Mishoe


Little Britches Showmanship – 1st Elona Sells, Aaron Osborne, Sadeigh Anne Osborne, Graham Wyrick, Annabelle Shipton, Caleb Shipton, Piper Alexander, Hannah Scphers; Pee Wee Showmanship Class 1 – 1st Kylie Blevins, 2nd Levi Osborne, 3rd Ella Miller, 4th Clara Grub,b 5th Isaac Scphers, 6th Court Wyrick, 7th Kingston Alexander; Pee Wee Showmanship Class 2 – 1st Emily Taylor, 2nd Abigail Miller, 3rd Carrie Alexander, 4th Colt Thomas, 5th Ethan Shipton, 6th Bethany Osborne; Junior Showmanship – 1st Isaac Miller, 2nd Charity Osborne, 3rd Grant Grubb, 4th Ashlynn Keen, 5th Casey Redifer, 6th Carly Thomas, Megan Trevitte; Intermediate Showmanship – 1st Clarie Deplazes, 2nd Mason Huffman, 3rd Elijah Osborne; Senior Showmanship Class 1 – 1st Morgan Beane, 2nd Lauren Hayes, 3rd Anna Hill, 4th Isaiah Osborne, 5th Jenna Bostic, 6th McKenzie Osborne; Senior Showmanship Class 2 – 1st Ryan Gobble, 2nd Katie Price 3rd Allie Collins, 4th Hunter Trent, 5th Maddie Moore, 6th Chesney Milhorn


Division 1

Class 1/58-88 pounds – 1st Abilane Armstrong, 2nd Bethany Osborne, 3rd Elijah Osborne, 4th Piper Alexander, 5th River Armstrong, 6th Aaron Osborne; Class 2/89-92 pounds – 1st Ashley Keen, 2nd Charity Osborne, 3rd Piper Alexander, 4th Charity Osborne, 5th McKenzie Osborne; Class 3/93-96 pounds – 1st Lauren Hayess, 2nd Charity Osborne, 3rd Megan Trivette, 4th Mason Huffman, 5th Isaiah Osborne, 6th Caleb Shipton, 7th Kingston Alexander; Class 4/96-98 pounds- 1st Jenna Bostic, 2nd Caleb Shipton, 3rd Megan Trivette, 4th Kingston Alexander, 5th Hunter Trent, 6th Hannah Scphers; Class 5/100-102 pounds – 1st Lauren Haynes, 2nd Clare Deplazes, 3rd Clare Deplazes, 4th Ella Miller; Class 6/103-106 pounds – 1st Lauren Haynes, 2nd Annabelle Shipton, 3rd Clare Deplazes, 4th McKenzie Osborne

Division 2

Class 7/106-108 pounds – 1st Lauren Hayes, 2nd Charity Osborne, 3rd Abigail Miller, 4th Annabelle Shipton, 5th Levi Osborne, 6th McKenzie Osborne; Class 8/108-111 pounds – 1st Grant Grubb, 2nd Isaac Scphers, 3rd Levi Osborne; Class 9/112-114 pounds – 1st Hannah Scphers, 2nd Anna Hill, 3rd Elijah Osborne, 4th Kingston Alexander; Class 10/114-116 pounds – 1st Isaac Miller, 2nd Anna Hill, 3rd Jenna Bostic, 4th Isaiah Osborne, 5th Allie Collins, 6th Ethan Shipton ,7th Carrie Alexander: Class 11/117-119 pounds – 1st Abigail Miller, 2nd Ethan Shipton, 3rd Levi Osborne, 4th Colt Thomas, 5th Isaiah Osborne, 6th Carrie Alexander; Class 12/120-123 pounds – 1st Morgan Beane, 2nd Mason Huffman, 3rd Anna Hill, 4th Jenna Bostic, 5th Ashley Keen, 6th Bethany Osborne; Division 2 Grand Champion – Lauren Hayes (108 Weight); Reserve Grand Champion – Abigail Miller (118 Weight)

Division 3

Class 13/124-128 pounds – 1st Kylie Blevins, 2nd Mason Huffman, 3rd Clare Deplazes, 4th Ella Miller, 5th Casey Redifer, 6th Jenna Bostic, 7th Mason Huffman, 8th Levi Osborne; Class 14/129-132 pounds – 1st Lauren Hayes, 2nd Isaac Scphers, 3rd Colt Thomas, 4th Court Wyrick, 5th Charity Osborne, 6th Maddie Moore, 7th Katie Price; Class 15/133 pounds – 1st Clare Grubb, 2nd Abigail Miller, 3rd Colt Thomas, 4th Allie Collins, 5th Elijah Osborne; Class 16/134-135 pounds 1st Ryan Gobble, 2nd Grant Grubb, 3rd Isaac Miller, 4th Clare Deplazes, 5th Isaac Miller, 6th Clare Grubb, 7th Carley Thomas, 8th Chesney Milhorne; Class 17/137-140 pounds – 1st Ryan Gobble, 2nd Grant Grubb, 3rd Isaac Miller, 4th Isaac Scphers, 5th Grant Grubb, 6th Emily Taylor, 7th Hunter Trent; Class 18/142-162 pounds – 1st Morgan Beane, 2nd Morgan Beane, 3rd Abigail Miller, 4th Hannah Scphers, 5th Casey Redifer, 6th Casey Redifer; Division 3 Supreme Grand Champion Sponsored by Farm Credit – Ryan Gobble; Grand Champion Sponsored by Farm Credit – Ryan Gobble (135 Weight); Reserve Grand Champion Sponsored by Farm Credit – Grant Grubb (137 Weight)

Pet Show Winners

Youth Winners

Best Costume Dog – 1st Ellie; Most Unusual Dog – 1st Ellie 2nd, Amelia McMillian; Best Trick Dog – 1st Mason Dalton, 2nd Amelia McMillian, 3rd Maggie Dalton; Prettiest Dog – 1st Arizona Thompson, 2nd Ellie, Maggie Dalton, 3rd Amelia McMillian, Alexis Felts; Cleanest Dog – 1st Ellie, 2nd Arizona Thompson, 3rd Amelia McMillian; Smallest Dog – 1st Maggie Dalton, 2nd Ellie; Largest Dog – 1st Alexis Felts, 2nd Amelia McMillian, 3rd Mason Dalton; Youth Grand Champion Alexis Felts with Dozer, Maggie Dalton with Skittles; Youth Reserve Champion Amelia McMillian with Draco & Ellie with Genna; 1st runner up — Arizona Thomson with Kane; 2nd runner up – Mason Dalton with Bisquit

Adult Winners

Best Costume Dog – 1st Celina Davis, 2nd Candis Tiffany, 3rd Lilly Spencer, 4th Robert Farmer, 5th Vickie Richie Best Trick Dog – 1st Celina Davis, 2nd Courtney, 3rd Candis Tiffany, 4th Vickie Richie; Cleanest Dog – 1st Vickie Richie, 2nd Ethan Woods, 3rd Courtney, 4th Lilly Spencer, 5th Robert Farmer, 6th Celina Davis, 7th Candis Tiffany; Largest Dog – 1st Robert Farmer, 2nd Tiffany Candis; Most Unusal Dog – 1st Vickey Ritchie, 2nd Lilly Spencer, 3rd Celina Davis, 4th Candist Tiffany; Prettiest Dog – 1st Celina Davis, Robert Farmer, Lilly Spencer, Ethan Woods, Vickie Ritchie, Candis Tiffany, Courtney; Smallest Dog – 1st Lilly Spencer; 2nd Celina Davis; Dog that looks most like exhibitor – 1st – Lilly Spencer, 2nd Robert Farmer, 3rd Vickey Ritchie, 4th Celina Davis, 5th Ryleigh; Adult Grand Champion – Celina Davis, Robert Farmer, Lilly Spencer; Adult Reserve Champion – Vickie Richie, 1st runner up — Ethan Woods

Poultry Show Winners

Costume Contest – 1st Deacon Simone, 2nd Leigh Ann Gallimore, 3rd Addalynn Horton, 4th Kelly Reece Caudell, 5th Alexis Horton


Pee Wee Showmanship – 1st Riley Mishoe, Kade Mishoe, Gesnan Smith; Junior Showmanship – 1st Matthew Rector, 2nd Iris Hendrick; Senior Showmanship – 1st Francesca Shows, 2nd Savannah Brown, 3rd Drake Webb, 4th Erin Boman, 5th Deacon Simone; Youth Winners – Grand Champion Cock – Kendra Edwards; Reserve Grand Champion Cock – Eli Stamper; Grand Champion Hen – Morgan Allen; Reserve Grand Champion Hen – Kelly Reece Caudell; Grand Champion Cockerel – Gesnan Smith; Reserve Grand Champion Cockerel – Kendra Edward; Grand Champion Pullet – Francesea Shows; Reserve Grand Champion Pullet – Edward Valdez; Grand Champion Other (Duck) – Drake Webb; Reserve Grand Champion Other (Duck) – Zackaria; Supreme Grand Champion Gesnan Smith

Rabbit Show Winners

Open Show

Best in Show: Tina Chow (Mini Rex); Reserve In Show: Tammy Stillwater (Dutch)

Best of Breeds

Dutch: Tammy Stillwater; Lionhead: William Worrell; Mini Rex: Tina Cline; New Zealand: William Worrell

Best Opposite Sex of Breeds

Lionhead: William Worrell; Mini Rex: Tina Cline; New Zealand: William Worrell

OPEN Grand Champion – William Worrell

Youth Show

Best In Show – Arlena Johnson (Netherland Dwarf); Reserve In Show – Isaac Worrell (New Zealand)

Best of Breeds

Dutch: Teague Vaughn; Lionhead: Arlena Johnson; Mini Rex: Allen Fields; Netherland Dwarf: Arlena Johnson; New Zealand: Isaac Worrell

Best Opposite Sex of Breeds

Lionhead: Isaac Worrell; Mini Rex: Allen Fields; New Zealand: Isaac Worrell

YOUTH Grand Champion – Hylee Holt; YOUTH Reserve Champion – Ethan Woods



FRUIT: 1st William F. Jones, 2nd Debby Brady Stone, 3rd Donald Ayers; VEGETABLES: 1st Debby Brady Stone, 2nd Nicky Taylor, 3rd Donna Peery; OTHER PRODUCE: 1st Shirley Felts, 2nd Donna S. Johnson; Flowers & Plants: 1st Lula Mary Jones, 2nd Brenda Lindsey, 3rd Donna S. Johnson, Jennifer L. Powers; Food Preservation: 1st Pat Y. Cox, 2nd Tania Cox, Diana Cornette, 3rd Kay Williams; Food Preparation: 1st Connie Hughes, 2nd Ellen G. Coe, 3rd Shirley Turner; Fine Arts & Crafts: 1st Hayley Snow, 2nd Norma J. Ring, Nadine Sizemore; Photography: 1st Jamie T. Webb, 2nd Jennifer L. Powers, 3rd Tony L. Truitt; Written Word: 1st Connie Young, 2nd Kay Williams


VEGETABLES: 1st Blake Love, Teague Vaughn, 2nd Colt Christian Love, Hillsville Elementary – 4th Grade Class; OTHER PRODUCE: 1st Seth E. Barlow, Taelyn & Timber Mundy, 2nd Teague Vaughn, 3rd Palmer Frazier; Field Crops: 1st Katlyn Newman, 2nd Makayla Newman; Flowers & Plants: 1st Teague Vaughn, 2nd Drake Webb; Food Preservation: 1st Palmer Frazier, Filson Williams, 2nd Teague Vaughn; Food Preparation: 1st Chloe Nagle, Nathan J. Soares; Educational Presentation: 1st Ashley F. Frost, 2nd Athena Quesenberry, Lily Leonard, Hailey Hill; Fine Arts & Crafts: 1st Hayley Snow, 2nd Kassidy Goad; Photography: 1st Molly McGrady, 2nd Erin E. Bowman, 3rd Chloe A. Nagle; Written Word: 1st Elijah Jones, 2nd Jessica Shank, Hadassah Hawks, Laiken Carico


Fine Arts & Crafts: 1st Jessica Padgett-Utt, 2nd Jeannie Ritchie, 3rd Brittney N. Gwynn

Horse PULL Winners

Light Weight – 3,400 LBS. & Under – 1st – Danny Linger, 2nd Jerry Bowles, 3rd David Estep, 4th Odell Coley, 5th Blaine Chaffin; Heavy Weight (Over 3,400 LBS.) – 1st Bill Ely, 2nd Ira Green, 3rd Danny Jordan, 4th L.W. Calton, 5th Allen West. SHOW-UPS – Show-up 1 Lisa Dye/Cecil Hall, Show-up 2 Bryan Townley, Show-up 3 Joe Jones, Show-up 4 Jody Lane, Show-up 5 Sam Bailey, Show-up 6 Jason Rutledge, Show-up 7 Chad Miano, Show-up 8 Mitch Aieken

Bench Show, Treeing Contest, and Field Trail Results

Youth Bench Show – 1st Male Amos Pack; 1st Female Brayden Lowe, 2nd Female Faith Pack, 3rd Female Haze Vaughn; Open Bench Show – 1st Male Nathan Largen; 1st Female Kayla Shupe; Registered Bench Show, Class Breed & Best of Show – Male Bobby Lowe; Class Breed & Best of Show – Female Jamie Swan & Bobby Lowe; Grand Champion – Male Jewel Edman & Tony Baer; Grand Champion – Female Darren Hillenburg; Supreme – Male – Bobby Lowe; Supreme – Female -Darren Hillenburg; Champion Class Field Trial – Buck Pack; Open Field Trial – John Asbury; Treeing Contest – Kayla Shupe

ADULT Recipe Contests

Friday Night, Aug. 25

Adult Peaches Contest – 1st Leasa Dickman, 2nd Kay Williams, 3rd Alice Isom; Adult Best Presentation – Alice Isom; Adults Eggs Ole’ Contest (Sponsored by Virginia Egg Council) – 1st Tina Ports, 2nd Nikki Shupe

YOUTH Recipe Contests

Sunday, Aug. 27

Youth Peaches Contest; Senior & Intermediate Contest – 1st Chloe Nagle, 2nd Makayla Newman; Peaches Youth Best Presentation – Chloe Nagle; Youth Zucchini Contest, Senior Division – 1st Jadelyn Ball, 2nd Makayla Newman; Intermediate Division – 1st Bailee Weddle, 2nd Tess Nagle; Zucchini Youth Best Presentation – Jadelyn Ball

Forestry Event Winners

Grand Prize Winners – 1st Levi Aldred; 2nd Mikey Cahoon, 3rd Daniel Cox; Cross Cut Sawing Contest – 1st Ben Martin & Curtis Martin, 2nd Daniel Cox & Abad Dominguez, 3rd Matthew Patton & Jeffery Bond; Stock Saw Contest – 1st Mikey Cahoon, 2nd Daniel Cox, 3rd Levi Aldred; Chainsaw under (<) 70 cc – 1st Daniel Cox, 2nd Curtis Martin, 3rd Mikey Cahoon; Chainsaw over (>) 70 cc – 1st Mikey Cahoon, 2nd Levi Aldred, 3rd Jeff Bond; Log Rolling Contest – 1st Daniel Cox, 2nd Levi Aldred, 3rd Mikey Cahoon; Single Buck Sawing Contest – 1st Curtis Martin, 2nd Jeff Bond, 3rd Zach Olinger

Storytelling Contest

Adult Winners – 1st John Carpenter, 2nd Trish Hash, 3rd Jackie Frazier, 4th Vickie and Jeannie Richie, 5th Brett Petty; Youth Winners – 1st Charla King, 2nd MaKayla Newman, 3rd Kendra Berrier, 4th Sunshine Blankenship

The Carroll County Fair Committee would like to thank ALL our sponsors for this year! Without you the Fair would not be a success!

Monetary In-Kind Sponsors


Platinum ($1,000 or more): Carroll County Board of Supervisors, Carroll County Farm Bureau Inc., The Jack Matthews Foundation, Affordable Log Homes by Jeff Reynolds, Southwest Farm Supply ; Gold ($500): Vanguard Furniture -Hillsville; Silver ($250): Cox Realty, Inc, Farm Credit – Lamb Show, Gladeville Ruritan Club, Workforce Unlimited, McDONALD’s Hillsville, Alderman Grading, Dr. Bradley Nester -West Stuart Dental Arts Center, Jeff Johnson Chevrolet, Leath Livestock and Trucking, Lester C. Webb & Son Trucking Inc., Greg’s Core Supply, Inc., Rotenizer Drapery, Inc, Southern States – Carroll County Coop, Southern States -Galax Coop, Sylvatus Christian Church, Vaughan Guynn McGrady Chapel Inc.; Bronze ($100):

Bronze ($100): Phipps Enterprise DBSA Nuckolls Drug, DeWaynes ATV & Bike Shop LLC, Marshalls Farm Plus, LLC, Blue Ridge Eagle INC DBA Lakeview Restaurant, Twin County Concrete, INC, McGrady & McGrady LLP Attorneys at Law, John S. Lynch DBA Silver Maple Farms, Carolina Beach R and R, Family Medicine of Woodlawn, W.O. Hill & Son, Olen Gallimore – Gallimore Logging, Parnell & Co. Lime & Fertilizer Service, Cassells Farm;

Associate ($50): McCraw’s VA 500, LLC, Morgan Lumber Sales, Inc., Dawn Auction Company; Sponsor ($25): Gary’s Backhoe Service, LLC – Gary Lawson

Monetary In-Kind Sponsiors

In-Kind Donations

Affordable Log Homes by Jeff Reynolds – Constuction, American Dairy Association North East – Ag Education Days, American Lamb – Ag Education Days, Boone Tractor Equipment – Use in Corn Maze, Carico Creations – Forestry, Carroll Coon Hunters & Sportsman Club – Coon Dog Event, Carroll County 4-H – Events, Carroll County Employees – Grounds & Events, Carroll County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee, Carroll County Future Farmers of America (FFA), Carroll County Southern States – Corn Maze/Barnyard/Horse Show, Carroll-Grayson-Galax Solid Waste Authority – Ag Education Days, Carter Bank & Trust – Exhibits, Cattlemen’s Beef Board and National Cattlemen’s Beef Assoc.- Ag Edu Days, David Padgett – Corn Maze, Deerfield Diggers – Track Preparations, Dickie Choate – Corn Maze, DLB Inc. – Grounds, Flowers Bakery – Meals for Volunteers, Greg Richardson – General Lee Car for Sunday, Harold Jones – Equipment & Misc items, Horton’s Supermarket – Bryan Horton, Ideal Florist – Lauren Chitwood – Horse Show/Pull, James River Equipment- John Deere – Use in Corn Maze at the Fair, Kanawha Valley Arena – Barrel Train, Equipment, Kevin Semones & Family – Overall Donations of items, Libby Webb – Plates – Meals for Volunteers, Matt Hawks – Water for Ag Education Days, Mary B. Quesenberry – Meals for Volunteers, National Onion Association – Ag Education Days, National Peanut Board – Ag Education Days, National Pork Board – Ag Education Days, National Watermelon Promotion Board, North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission – Ag Edu Days, Olen Gallimore – Use of Land Bridge, Omega Office Supply – Banners & Signs, Pizza Inn – FB YF Ag Education Days, Rio Grande – Ag Education Days, Roger Jones – Chicken Cages – Poultry Show, Ryan & Dale Akers – Akers Farms – Corn Maze, Seth Killon – Video for 2017 Corn Maze, Shoney’s – Ag Education Days/Meals for Volunteers, Southwest Farm Supply/Bartlett Seed Co. – Livestock, Strickland Brothers Construction – Equipment, Subway – Ag Education Days/Meals for Volunteers, Super Dollar – Ag Education Days/Meals for Volunteers, Virginia Beef Industry Council – Ag Education Days, United Kennel Club (UKC) – Coonhound Event & Field Trial, US Apple Association – Ag Education Days, Virginia Egg Council – Recipe Contest for Eggs Ole’

File photo One month after presenting the annual Carroll County Agricultural Fair, organizers have determined that this year’s renewal was their “biggest and best ever.”×725.jpgFile photo One month after presenting the annual Carroll County Agricultural Fair, organizers have determined that this year’s renewal was their “biggest and best ever.”

Staff Report