McCraw, Webb win Carroll County Primaries

By Allen Worrell -
Phillip R. McCraw -
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The Carroll County Board of Supervisors will have at least two new members in 2018.

Official tallies from Tuesday’s Republican Primaries have Phillip R. McCraw winning the three-person race in the Fancy Gap District and Joe Neil Webb defeating incumbent Joshua A. Hendrick in the Laurel Fork District. Carroll County piggybacked off the statewide primary for Governor and Lt. Governor in conducting the countywide Republican Primary.

Officially, McCraw took 211 of the 468 votes cast in the Fancy Gap District race. Ronnie G. Collins received 158 votes and 99 ballots were cast for G.G. “Greg” Spencer. The Fancy Gap District seat on the Carroll County Board of Supervisors is up for grabs after current supervisor Phil McCraw (no relation to Phillip McCraw) announced he would not be seeking re-election due to health reasons.

Phillip R. McCraw won both the Mt. Bethel and St. Paul precincts, while Spencer won in Lambsburg and Collins took the Fancy Gap precinct. In Mt. Bethel, McGraw claimed 36 votes compared to 22 for Collins and 17 for Spencer. McCraw made his biggest impression in the St. Paul precinct with 106 votes against 47 for Collins and 22 for Spencer. Spencer claimed the Lambsburg precinct with 47 votes, while Collins had 42 and McCraw collected 38. Collins won out in the Fancy Gap precinct with 42 votes compared to 25 for McCraw and 13 for Spencer. McCraw also received six absentee votes against five for Collins and none for Spencer.

In Laurel Fork, Webb defeated incumbent Hendrick unofficially by a tally of 278 votes to 198. Webb earned the victory with a big showing in the Hillsville B precinct, where he picked up 179 votes against Hendrick’s 94. The two candidates tied with 54 votes each in the Gladesboro precinct, while Hendrick won the Laurel Fork precinct by a count of 43-33. Webb also gained 12 absentee votes to 7 for Hendrick.

Carroll County did not pick a single winner in the statewide races for Governor and Lt. Governor. Ralph S. Northam, the Democrat’s statewide choice for Governor, was defeated in Carroll by challenger Tom S. Perriello 322 votes to 230, while Republican Governor-elect Edward W. Gillespie was defeated by Corey A. Stewart in Carroll by a count of 882-750. Frank W. Wagner received 141 votes in the state wide Republican race for Governor.

In the race for Lt. Governor, the state’s choice, Justin E. Fairfax, was defeated in Carroll by Susan S. Platt by a count of 260-191. Candidate Gene J. Rossi received 76 votes. In the Republican Primary for Lt. Governor, Jill H. Vogel carried the state despite being shellacked in Carroll by Bryce E. Reeves by a total of 909-408. Glenn R. Davis, Jr. collected 392 votes.

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Phillip R. McCraw R. McCraw

Joe Neil Webb Neil Webb
McCraw wins three-person race in Fancy Gap, Webb defeats incumbent in Laurel Fork

By Allen Worrell