Grants fuel aggressive traffic enforcement for Hillsville

Staff Report

Federal grants will drive more aggressive traffic law enforcement in Carroll County in the coming months. According to Hillsville Police Chief Wesley Yonce, Hillsville, along with other local law enforcement agencies, have been receiving Federal Grant Money from the Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles for different types of selective traffic enforcement.

Yonce indicated HPD currently receives three such grants, which include Impaired Driving Enforcement (alcohol), Occupant Protection Enforcement (seat belt) and Speed Enforcement. All three grants have a zero tolerance policy for enforcement of their individual grant specifics. For example, if an HPD officer pulls over a vehicle for speeding, a speeding summons must be given.

Participation in these grant enforcement activities requires HPD officers determine times during the week they want to work a specific grant, work overtime during the times they have determined and then complete the necessary paperwork to show what times they worked and what summons were given. Yonce stressed all this is done at no cost to the Town of Hillsville.

“Areas of focus that HPD looks to enforce during the grant work include driving under the influence, reckless driving, speeding, failure to wear seat belts and child safety seat laws,” Yonce wrote in the release.

According to the department’s news release other laws that a lot of people are not aware of but are very important to the public’s safety as well as officer safety include over length and over weight on restricted roads (Route 58 in Hillsville/Carroll County is restricted to 65 feet in length), failure to move over (this pertains to any vehicle on the side of the road with flashing blue, red or yellow lights), failure to drive to the right side of the highway (the Move Over Law), texting while driving, and smoking with a child in the vehicle.

Staff Report