Board discusses School District stakeholder survey results

By David Broyles -

A majority of participants responding to a stakeholder survey at the end of the first semester on the Carroll County Public School District (CCPSD) answered good or excellent to five questions asked of them. Assistant Superintendent Dr. Mark Burnette presented the results to the board following an organizational meeting on Jan. 10.

Burnette said the next step is to meet with school principals and discuss what can be done better and concentrate on going from there. Chairman Brian Spencer noted participation was down on the survey and asked for suggestions on attracting more participants. Producing a paper version of the survey for distribution to parents without internet access was discussed. The Division is already using online platforms such as Facebook and text messaging (with a link to the survey) to encourage participants.

Vice Chairman Joey Haynes said it appears to him any format which is on handheld devices rather than sitting down at a computer would appeal to many.

Information supplied by the District indicates more than 291 respondents to the online survey. Answer choices ranged from unsatisfactory to excellent. Ninety-two felt the CCPSD provides a quality education for all students. Seventy-three answered satisfactory and 67 answered excellent.

One hundred and three felt the District’s teachers scored a good on holding high student expectations. Seventy-eight felt this was satisfactory and 77 felt it was excellent. Eighty-eight felt that CCPSD provided a safe and orderly school environment with 82 rating the District as excellent and 59 saying the District was satisfactory.

Ninety-one respondents rated the District as good on providing a welcoming environment for all parents. An excellent rating was given by 89 and the CCPSD was rated satisfactory by 73. The majority gave a good rating to the District on its facilities being adequate to support student learning needs (83), while the District was rated satisfactory by 79 and excellent by 70.

According to the data collected and presented by Burnette, 58.08 percent of the responses came from parents of Pre K through fifth grade students (or 169 responding) with 101 participating as parents with children in grades six through eight and 97 with children in grades nine through 12.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Beverly Adams-Parker presented preliminary results for first semester courses at Carroll Middle School, Carroll County High and the RAE Center for grades eight through twelve and grade seven civics. According to Division Standards Of Learning (SOL) testing through January 9, 66.7 percent (122 students) passed with either proficient or advanced in End Of Course (EOC) writing. In EOC reading, 152 passed. Twenty-seven of the 39 students taking Algebra I passed (69.2 percent, proficient and advanced).

Adams-Parker reported 76 of 98 students taking Algebra II passed and 81 of 86 taking geometry passed. In civics and economics, 97 of 136 passed the SOL with 129 of 150 students passing World History I. Ninety-nine of 140 taking World History II passed and 102 of 125 in Virginia and U.S. History passed.

In Grade 8 Science, 120 of 151 passed; 108 of 146 taking earth science passed and 114 of 149 taking biology passed. In chemistry, 95 of 106 students tested passed. Adams-Parker said Spring testing populations typically test higher than Fall ones. She said five-year patterns will be studied to better determine if further teacher professional development is warranted. Testing results will also be compared to regional results for additional context.

Carroll County High School was tops in percent of attendance for December with 96.36 percent, Fancy Gap Elementary was second with 96.01 percent and Oakland Elementary was third with 95.55 percent. The County-wide average was 95.27 percent.

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By David Broyles

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