Single-car accident damages Woodlawn Post Office

This photo shows the damage to the back wall of the Woodlawn Post Office from a single-car accident Monday afternoon. Postmaster Jeff Richardson said the building has been struck by vehicles more than three times in the past few years.

WOODLAWN — The Woodlawn Post Office at 32 Coulson Church Road has again suffered damage from what appears to be a single-car accident, with a vehicle striking the building. According to Virginia Highway Patrol First Sgt. Mike Musser, the call related to the incident came in around 1:34 p.m. Monday afternoon.

Postmaster Jeff Richardson said the building suffered rather severe damages. He said because the impact of the vehicle affected an area in the back of the building, no post office boxes or the service window were affected. He said the office would continue its normal hours of operation. Details were not available at press time pending the completion of the investigation. According to Richardson, the driver of the car was an elderly female from the Woodlawn area.

Mindy Anderson was inside the post office when the incident occured. She said the noise was so loud that she thought the ceiling was falling in.

The earlier incident occurred on March 16 around 2:45 p.m., when a 2007 Honda Accord driven by Suemay Melcher, 75, of Woodlawn, plowed into the side of the building, knocking a hole into the wall of the building, busting out the glass of the front door and causing damage to the building’s foundation and supporting columns.

According to State Trooper P.K. Cheek, Melcher was pulling into a parking spot when her vehicle slammed into the building. Melcher was not charged in connection with the incident.

Highway Patrol Sargeant A. Zyvoloski said the most recent incident appeared to be similar to the one in March. He said the driver likely became confused, hitting the accelerator instead of the brake. The unidentified driver’s Grand Marquis struck the wall half way up. He said the driver was evaluated on the scene and was reportedly transported home by a family member following the incident.