Carroll PSA to consider water rate increases

By David Broyles -

Carroll County’s Public Service Authority (PSA) at its June 13 meeting signaled its willingness to re-evaluate its water rates to insure grant eligibility. Executive Director Jessica Montgomery told the board a grant project for water in Cana’s Meadowbrook area is moving ahead.

At-Large Board Member Keith Meredith told the board he, Board Member James Light, and the rate committee recently evaluated its water rates and found them “deficient” in light of grant eligibility. Meredith recommended the board examine an increase “to the point to be grant eligible” and pointed out the last increase had occurred in 2009.

Meredith said the committee also recommended addressing a wide disparity in sewer rates and considered making them uniform. No action was taken on either recommendation. Vice-Chairman William Payne said more discussion and a vote on the recommendations would happen at the July meeting.

Montgomery reported the Planning Phase for the Cana/Meadowbrook Water Project continues. The effort is a United Sates Department of Agriculture Rural Development (USDA-RD), Special Evaluation Assistance for Rural Communities and Households grant project.

She said the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) and Environmental Assessment (EA) were prepared and submitted to the USDA-RD for review (the EA has been approved.) Montgomery said comments from the RD and the Health Department on the PER were addressed following staffers conducting a community meeting to gauge citizen interest. It has also been accepting user agreements.

Montgomery said contractor CW Cauley & Son has completed tank site grading and the access road for the Cliffview Water project and the subcontractor (Mid-Atlantic Storage) has erected the tank. During the previous month, the pipe crew has been installing water line primarily along Gambetta Road, Iron Ridge Road, Oak Leaf Lane, Fox Fire Lane and Black Stone Lane with approximately 23,000 feet of water line installed to date over the entire project area.

She told the board a directional bore subcontractor worked part of the previous month, was shut down for an extended period due to equipment problems, and has now re-mobilized and is continuing on the Chestnut Creek crossing. The contractor will continue pipe work, road bores, and the Chestnut Creek crossing during the upcoming month.

A Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) funding application for the Sylvatus/Route 100 water project has been completed and was submitted to Virginia Department of Health (VDH) for approval.

The Lynnhaven PRV Small Project Construction Grant application was submitted to VDH in April 2015, and a funding offer has been made to the PSA. According to Montgomery, a VDH-DWSRF funding application for force account construction of water lines along Coulson Church Road and Ridge Road is under review by VDH.

She said a VDH-DWSRF funding application for debt refinancing has been submitted to VDH for the current funding cycle and a funding offer has been made to the PSA.

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By David Broyles

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