Hillsville steps up delinquent tax collection

Staff Report

Hillsville has signaled it will be taking more aggressive action to collect delinquent tax accounts. The measure, presented at an April 25 meeting, was approved by Town Council for Hillsville to take action on delinquent tax accounts.

A press release from Town Treasurer LeAnna Surratt indicates on May 26, a distress warrant for seizure was issued for a 2011 Dearborn Trailer, a 2013 Toyota Scion and a 1999 BMW. Surratt said the action is provided for in the code of Virginia in Section 58.1-3941 for delinquent meals taxes owed.

This warrant was executed that afternoon with the aid of police Chief Wesley Yonce, transferring two of the assets from the owner’s possession to the Town of Hillsville in hopes of payment prior to the auction of the assets for payment of the debt.

“Nonpayment of taxes cannot be tolerated as it is unfair to residents who pay taxes and avoidable rate increases,” said Surratt. “The Town Of Hillsville will continue to take measures provided by the code of Virginia previously discussed including publishing names in the newspaper in June 2016, revoking vehicle registrations, issuing other distress warrants, and filing judgements through the court systems.”

Suratt said the Town of Hillsville will also be monitoring the transient occupancy and meals tax to ensure not only are all businesses filing, but are filing the correct amounts. She said “trust tax” (meals and transient occupancy) fraud is a serious legal issue that will not be tolerated by the Town.


Staff Report

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