Reduced school funding to have no effect on Carroll teaching positions

Salaries also untouched by county cuts to school funding

By Allen Worrell -

Teaching positions and salaries will not be affected by the reduction in funding from the Carroll County Board of Supervisors to Carroll County Public Schools for Fiscal Year 2017.

In order to help make up what was once a $2.7 million county budget shortfall, Carroll supervisors originally proposed a cut of $1,007,673 in local funding to Carroll schools. That number had been whittled down to $765,825 when Carroll County presented its proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2017 on May 11. After revising their own budget figures, Carroll County Public School officials now report the actual reduction from the county to the school system will stand at $505,573 for Fiscal Year 2017.

“The Board of Supervisors asked us to revise our revenue figures up, which allowed them to reduce their expenditure to the schools by that amount. The figures that were revised upward include items that we learned about after creating our budget and other items that we were not positive would come in at the amounts that were projected,” Carroll County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Strader Blankenship said. “There will be no cuts in personnel – positions or salary. It will affect things such as technology that we have been providing to the school for classrooms and other types of materials and supplies. Should all of the budgeted revenue changes not come to fruition we will have a shortfall that will have to be addressed in the spring of 2017.”

Part of the discrepancy from the $765,825 figure and the new $505,573 reduction comes from $141,923 in lottery funds the school division didn’t know were coming until recently, Carroll County Public Schools Finance Supervisor Tammy Quesenberry said. Additionally, she said the county is going to allow the school system to carry over $85,750 in debt service into the school system’s operating budget that was appropriated too high.

Quesenberry said the school system will also get about $10,000 in forest revenue back. Meanwhile, the school system is revising E-Rate revenue from $80,000 to $140,000. E-Rate revenue is money the school system spends and then applies for reimbursement on a variety of items, including free and reduced lunches.

“We have been very fortunate in the last few years to get more than we had planned on, but I can’t guarantee that will come back again. And when we do receive excess revenue for that, what we have done is given teachers the opportunity to tell us how they are going to use new technology in the classroom if we purchased it for them,” Quesenberry said. “That is kind of an initiative above and beyond, so if we get any excess e-rate money that is what we use it for. Since we have already accounted for this in the budget, that is something that will probably have to go next year because it will have to be used on basic technology needs.”

Quesenberry said the revised budget still includes all teaching positions in the budget, all originally proposed salary increases, all originally proposed special education positions, and an additional position each at Gladeville Elementary School and St. Paul School due to enrollment.

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Salaries also untouched by county cuts to school funding

By Allen Worrell

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