Hillsville Diner co-workers raising funds for injured employee

By Allen Worrell

May 13, 2014

Fellow co-workers of a long-time Hillsville Diner waitress are trying to help while she is out of work with an injury.

According to Cathy McCraw, her fellow Hillsville Diner co-worker Robin Parnell was leaving the Diner on April 30 when she fell on the sidewalk and suffered injuries that will keep her out of work for an extended period of time. Parnell is a popular waitress at the Hillsville Diner, where she has been employed for the past 14 years.

“She tore the ligaments in her right leg from her thigh to her ankle and she has to go back for an MRI to see if her leg is fractured,” McCraw said. “She doesn’t have any health insurance or anything and she will be out of work for at least two months, I am sure.”

McCraw said her fellow employees are trying to help McCraw make ends meet while she is out of work. A donation jar has been set up in the Diner.

“Customers keep asking about her and so many people know her. We are hoping she can keep her car payment and rent. Other people are helping her with food and those kinds of things,” McCraw said. “She had nothing and is getting pretty destitute.”

McCraw said a savings account has been set up at Grayson Nation Bank in Parnell’s name if people would like to donate money to help her, or people can mail donations to Robin Parnell at P.O. Box 902, Hillsville, Va., 24343. Additionally, McCraw said the Hillsville Pentecostal Holiness Church is working to have a hot dog dinner or some other type of fundraiser for Parnell.