HPD warns public of craigslist scam

April 7, 2014

The Hillsville Police Department is investigating a new scam to the area.

According to Hillsville Police Chief Greg Bolen, a new scam involves a house in the Highland Park Drive area of Hillsville that has been posted for rent on internet site craigslist.

“Somebody has put it on craigslist for rent and they are not the realtor. We want the public of aware of this scam,” Bolen said. “As always, please do not send or wire any money.”

Bolen said there could be more houses like this for rent on craigslist, but this is the only one he knows about at this time.

“The ad offers the house for rent, but the realtor is selling this house,” Bolen said. “It is contained to this one house, but there could be several houses in town. We are searching for additional ones. It is listed as a three-bedroom house in Hillsville for rent for $600. It gives you the option where you can email them and send money for the rent and deposit. They are trying to keep everything online. Once you’ve sent money, that’s it. Unfortunately, some people will see that, won’t research it, and get taken. Please don’t send or wire money to anybody.”

Bolen said HPD has made contact with craigslist and continues to investigate the case.