School to end May 30, graduation set for May 31

February 22, 2014

The Carroll County School Board decided during its Feb. 11 meeting that the school year for students will end on May 30 and graduation will be held May 31, no matter how many more school days student miss due to inclement weather.

As of the Feb,. 11 meeting, 12 days of classes have been missed. By changing two work days, Feb. 17 and April 4, to class days, all of those days can be made up by May 30. Completion of classes had originally been May 16.

Board Chairman Brian Spencer asked what would happen if any more days of school are missed.

“If we miss anymore, we’ll probably need to look at the 990 hours,” said Superintendent Dr. Strader Blankenship.

According to Section 22.1-98 of the Code of Virginia, if a school or school division is closed for more than 15 days, at least 10 days must be made up. If the school or school system has surplus hours above the minimum 990 instructional hours or days in excess of 180, it may use the excess hours or days to make up the time missed.

“We bank 90 hours over the course of the year,” said Blankenship. “We can miss 10 to 11 more days and still get out by May 30.”

Board Member Reginald Gardner said ending classes by May 30 was definitely a good thing.

“When we went to this early calendar, we guaranteed people we wouldn’t have classes in June and they’ve remembered that,” he said.

The board also discussed holding graduation on May 24, Memorial Day, instead of May 30, since seniors do little more than practice for graduation. Although it would allow seniors to graduate a week earlier, Blankenship said many people made plans for that holiday.

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