Carroll extends garbage contract with Waste Industries

By Allen Worrell Editor

January 18, 2014

Carroll County has elected to extend its residential curbside trash pick-up service for citizens with Waste Industries for two more years.

During the Carroll County Board of Supervisors’ December meeting, David Duke of Waste Industries spoke to the board about extending the company’s non-exclusive contract with the county through March of 2016. If the county would extend the contract, Duke promised the company would not raise its residential collection rate of $17.58 per month, at least for the first year. He also promised that the company’s current senior rate of $15.50 per month would not be increased over those two years.

Duke told Carroll supervisors that Waste Industries has been picking up garbage for Carroll County residents who want to participate in the program for many years. He said the company would like to extend its franchise agreement, which expires in March of 2014, with Carroll County.

“And what we are offering is for the first year of the two-year extension we are not going to request any type of price adjustment at all. We will just continue doing it at the same rate,” Duke said. “The second year, we would like to reserve the right to come in and meet with you… and discuss if we feel there is a need to be a price adjustment in the second year. If there is not, then obviously we would not request that.”

Duke said he thought it has been four years since Waste Industries increased its prices in Carroll County. Even though he said costs continue to increase, the company knows it is a very difficult economic time for communities, so not asking for an increase is its way of trying to provide some assistance “and help the community.”

Duke said Waste Industries would also like to offer a voluntary program to Carroll residents at the beginning of the year if enough people are interested. The program would offer customers an option of using a larger, 95-gallon container on wheels for less than $2 a month.

“They are very sturdy. If you go into a lot of the Lowe’s or Wal-Marts and buy something of the type we order from the manufacturers, they can range in price anywhere from $60 to $75. And we would offer them on a monthly rental basis of somewhere under $2 a month for anyone that would like to take advantage of that,” Duke said. “There is a real advantage of it having wheels. People can haul it to and from the curb a whole lot more easily, and they are not as easily blown over by high winds and that sort of thing.”

Duke then told the board that even if Waste Industries requests a rate increase for the second year of the agreement, it would not request a rate increase for the senior rate of $15.50.

“We will leave that rate as it is,” Duke said. “As I get closer to that age, I get more sensitive to it, so we would not do anything with that rate.”

Board Chairman David Hutchins told Duke he thought Waste Industries has done a great job. The only real complaint the county hears is the containers blow over at times, but in a windy county such as Carroll, he said that is understandable. Duke said the larger containers help in that regard.

“One of the benefits of the containers we would be able to offer is they are not as easily blown over because of the base and weight of them. That is why it helps to have them on wheels, but our guys know as they perform their jobs on a daily basis they are not to be left in the roadways, because of traffic hazards, or people’s driveways,” Duke said. “If that ever occurs, we need to know about it. We want to provide the best level of service as we possibly can to your citizens.”

Carroll supervisors then unanimously passed a motion, pending legal review, to extend the county’s contract with Waste Industries for two years.