Carroll hopes to set public meeting to discuss new pool

By Allen Worrell Editor

December 5, 2013

The Carroll County Board of Supervisors would like to schedule a public meeting in the near future to discuss the feasibility of a new pool/waterpark.

Carroll County shut down its swimming pool in the Carroll County Recreation Park in 2009 when county officials had to cut $1.6 million to balance its budget for Fiscal Year 2009-2010. County officials noted at the time that annual repairs on the pool’s water heater and other issues had actually caused the county to lose over $50,000 in each of the pool’s last two years. The pool area was torn down in 2011.

Since that time, citizens have requested the county look at options for a new swimming pool or water park.

During the board’s November meeting, Supervisor Sam Dickson said the group selected to prepare a feasibility study of a new pool/waterpark has completed the study. Now it is time for the county to follow up with their proposals, he said.

“I think it is time or close enough now that…we possibly have a presentation to the full board and any interested citizens that would like to come and see what they have determined,” Dickson said. “This is not something we are trying to force on anybody. It is a study and the results, so this will give the people a chance to see what it will cost, what it would have, possibly a couple of places we could put it, and know what direction to go.”

Dickson then started to make a motion for the group to present its findings at the board’s January or February meeting. County Administrator Gary Larrowe suggested that due to the length of a presentation, it might be best to schedule a special meeting as opposed to a presentation during a regular board meeting.

Dickson then withdrew his original motion and asked for Larrowe’s staff to discuss potential special meeting dates with the company hired for the feasibility study. He said the board could revisit the subject during its December meeting.

“Would your office take care of getting us some dates and see which one the board could meet and give us a time? We have a lot of concerned citizens who want to see this,” Dickson said.