Goad among those honored in Carroll Schools

October 4, 2013

Hillsville Elementary School’s Sybil Goad highlights a group of Carroll County Schools’ employees recently recognized by the Compass Group Be-A-Star Recognition Program.

Be-A-Star is Compass Group’s premier recognition program that recognizes associates and teams for achieving business excellence. The goal of the Be-A-Star Program is to give managers and teams a structured, simple approach to achieving business goals with all of the tools they need in one place. The 1-2-3 GROW concept reflects the three-star step by step structure of the program, while the imagery places our focus on the sustainable growth and personal success of our great people. The overall goal of the theme is a call to action; where will we grow from here? The program consists of 3 Star periods, aligned with the first three quarters of the fiscal calendar; Star Achievements are tasks aligned with Chartwells K-12 MAP goals. In the third quarter, results are tallied and winners are determined.

Carroll County won the following awards by completing all of the marketing surveys, increased overall participation, and sector business goals.

Carroll County Schools was awarded Gold Account Status. A gold account has met sector specific business goals, such as lowering food cost, increased participation, and employee growth.

Sybil Goad was awarded second runner up for Culinary Leader of the year for the Mid-Atlantic Region. Sybill has demonstrated that her school’s program continues to improve year after year through innovation and dedication to the customers, our students. Sybil tries new menu selections constantly to encourage the students to not only participate, but to try new items.

Pam Robinson was awarded Honorable mention for Hourly Associate of the Year for the Mid-Atlantic Region. Pam’s leadership at Carroll County High School continues to increase participation and reduce costs, while improving on the quality of menu preparation and presentation.

Carroll County Schools was awarded second runner up for Regional Account of the Year. Our schools were selected for Account of the Year based on a number of criteria. We continue to see year to year growth in a number of areas. We purchase as many products as we can locally, and go out of our way to do so. Carroll County Schools’ values our employees and continues to train our staff monthly and annually on a variety of industry specific items. Finally, Carroll County Schools completed all of the Simply Good marketing programs for the year, and the results surveys to measure success.

Matthew Morris was awarded first runner up for Salaried Associate of the Year. Matthew was selected for Salaried Associate of the Year based on completing all of three Be-A Star programs for 2012-13, Simply Good Marketing Program, CHAT employee training programs, the Chartwells Employee Map program, Diversity and Inclusion training, customer service training, and finally for extensive use of locally produced products.