Removal of county decals cause for much celebration


June 16, 2009

It had to have been one of the easiest decisions its ever made, but credit the Carroll County Board of Supervisors for getting rid of the unpopular county vehicle decals.
Granted, Carroll County citizens will still be required to pay the same motor vehicle license fee they have in years past, but at least theyll no longer have to wage war with their windshields. Removing an old decal to replace it with a new one often turned into a sticky situation, no pun intended. Now citizens will no longer have to stand in long lines and fight the mid-April crowds at the Carroll County Governmental Center just in time for the old April 15 deadline. And besides, its one less sticker to junk up your windshield.
The elimination of the county decals does come with a small price. With the fee moving from its old April deadline to Dec. 5 as part of personal property taxes, citizens will have to pay the fee twice this year. But its an additional cost that most will be able to live with in order to get rid of the aggravation associated with the county decals.
The ordinance eliminating the county decals goes into effect Jan. 1, 2010, but bills will be due Dec. 5 of this year when personal property taxes are due.