Pizza provides insight into your soul

I bet you didn’t know that when you ordered pizza you were giving away clues to your personality. Yes, saying a simple thing like “I’ll have kraut and Tums on my pizza, thank you” will give complete strangers insight into what kind of person you are.Of course, if you order kraut and Tums on your pizza, you’re crazier than a bunch of methed-up monkeys; that’s an easy one to figure out, but other more common toppings also give people a glimpse into...

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More doom and gloom from Hawking

Over a year ago some yahoo discovered the Higgs boson or “God particle,” if you prefer. As you may remember, I got very excited about this because I thought it would mean we would be able to teleport from one place to another, make ourselves invisible or possibly reduce the size of Kim Kardashian’s behind. Of course, none of that came to pass.

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Aliens, zombies and Victoria’s Secret super models

I know the yard sale season is quickly coming to an end, but I figure it’s never too late to make a buck so I’m passing along some tips that will make a fortune for anyone still thinking of going the yard sale route. Well, maybe not a fortune, but at least enough money to buy that second-hand loaf of bread you’ve had your eye on.While I’m willing to pass along yard sale tips, I will not be having a yard sale myself; despite the fact that the Mistress of the ...

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Repair king I’m not

The other day I decided to repair a lamp. Now, the lamp was probably 30 years old, but it was a beautiful lamp and one of a matched set. So, I decided to save it from the landfill and preserve it for posterity. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?Well, for a lot of people, yes, it would be easy. But we are talking about me, whose best repair tactic is to hit whatever is broken as hard as I can with my fist, foot, or the nearest heavy object. Yes, I’ve hit computers, TVs, r...

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